Plaza (185*202)

Plaza (185*202)
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Plaza is our first entry mattress… it stands out for being a healthy and reasonably priced mattress “One Fits All Mattress”
Consists of 6 Double Layers on each side.
High quality of Knitted Fabric.
Insulation Polyester layer.
Two Layers of compressed medium Density Foam varying in thickness for orthopedic support.
Anti-fungi & bacteria insulation layer that supports the upper level of the mattress.
Innersprings are wrapped with two layers of insulation felt with a density level of 1000g/m².
Richmond’s -spring mattress- Spine support system®: High quality, flexible and rustproof inner springs that comply with international standers and specifications.
5 mm Border wire providing extra edge support around the mattress.
Four Fabric Handles to ease the moving process.
Mattress Height ranges from 23 to 24 cm.
Two years of manufacturing warranty.
Hardness: Firm

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